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Some societies veil their women; require that they hide themselves for fear of inspiring lust, or negatively influencing the good, upright male members of society. Some societies treat women as little more than breeding stock, fit for nothing more than bearing and raising children. Some societies add the responsibility of maintaining the home, for the betterment and ease of life of the hardworking man-of-the-house. Some societies take all individual rights away from women, making them dependent on their father, their brother, their husband for all things in their life.
We in the west point to all these societies and say to our women "Look there, their women can't own land, can't have a job, must adhere to strict religious laws, are treated as inferior to their men. Aren't you glad you live here instead? Here you can have a job (as long as you are willing to accept less money for the same duties). Here you can wear what you want (as long as you're thin, with high cheekbones, large breasts, etc. if you don't have these qualities, use prosthetics and/or make-up to approximate them as closely as possible (oh, but don't look too sexy, or you risk being called a slut)). Here you are in control of whether you even have children or not (even though we all know that if you don't want children at some point in your life then there's something inherently wrong with you).

We are a Brave New World to those other societies' 1984. Where they strictly control by oppression, regulation and brute force, we offer our women all the "bright, shiny candy" they want, so long as they take in within our male-defined guidelines.

I am sick to death of advertisements that bank on breast shots, butt shots, pouty-glistening-lip shots. I have two girls in my immediate life, and they are far more than the sum of their component parts. I am sick of people waving their blasted religious flag in front of me and claiming our women's right to self-governance over their own bodies. I am sick of hearing about the women in this, our supposedly advanced society, being subjected to what amounts to mental and physical torture. I am so goddamn sick of seeing the offhand, even entitled way in which women are denigrated in our culture.


I'm tired of seeing pseudo-intellectual garbage being spouted in the break room, posted on facebook, or cast across the airwaves by jerks too scared or too narrow-minded to let the girls play. Standing up for other women doesn't make you a bitch. Speaking up on a sensitive topic for what you believe to be right doesn't make you a slut.

If we're going to be equal, then we need to be equal, damnit. We need to stop squinching our eyes shut simply because we're scared.

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...and all's well. No new developments, Ceilidh continues to grow, and occasionally hiccup. She sleeps most of the time, which is typical of all preemies. She's cute as a button, had a little bit of jaundice (also typical in all newborns) so they put a UV light on her to help her body break down bilirubin. Since she's not used to light at this stage, they put a thick black mask over her eyes to protect them from the bright light. So with her sock-hat, and her mask, she looks (if you ask me) like Hancock. If you've seen that movie.

That's all for now - have some reading to do to learn more about how I can get involved, and what-all is going on.
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...Last night, as Steph and I were lying in bed, Steph began having slight cramps. Then, when she came back from the bathroom, she told me that she was also spotting slightly. Since she had had the same thing happen only about a week before, I suggested that maybe it was still just a normal ocurrance, as the doctor had told us previously. However, over time the cramps began to get worse, and the spot didn't fade as it had in the past, going light, then heavy, then light again.

We called the doctor, and were told to come in.

My head is still a bit on wackbards, but they told us that Steph was dialated, even though we're only in our 26th week of pregnancy. We were told the baby was coming NOW.

It was... a traumatic experience - my wife couldn't have pain medication at all, because at this stage of the pregnancy, it would have gone straight to the baby.

To make a long story at elast somewhat shorter, my daughter Ceilidh (pronounced KAY-lee) Madeliene Dalphin, was born at 12:33 in the morning on October 6th. She weighed 1 lb 14 oz at the time, and measured at 12 1/2 inches. Don't let the past tense fool you, she's still with us, in the NICU at Riley Hospital (wherefrom, coincidentally, I am writing this post). I just use it because I expect her to grow.

So... I'm a dad. Three and a half months early. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton.
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Your result for The Attachment Style Test...

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Fictional character with whom you might identify: Kaylee (Firefly/Serenity), Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)

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IF you:
-are a geek (dweeb, spaz, nerd, dork)
-enjoy gaming of almost any kind
-are familiar with Firefly, Doogie Hauser, or The Guild
-have any kind of sense of humour


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Steph and I have been looking at onesies online - She found a site that allows you to design your own "t-shirt" style onesie - she uploaded a picture of me gritting my teeth in the rowing boat from several summers ago, and added the text "My daddy PWNS your daddy." There are also, apparently, many little baby gamer-geek onesies out there already, with World of Warcraft logos, D&D logos, and just general geekiness (one just had the pi symbol on it).

Out of hand?
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The remark above was an interview snippet I just heard on NPR where someone in the army was being asked how they felt when they heard that many people in the US now felt that the war in Iraq was a mistake. 

How horrifying is that?
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I haven't been paying a lot of attention to Livejournal lately, so it escaped my notice until today that my little brother wdalphin tagged me for a... "get to know you better" mem, I suppose it is.  Regardless, I'll play along, although I refuse to tag anyone else.

So the rules are:
A) List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B) Tag seven people to do the same.
C) Do not tag the person who tagged you or tag "whoever wants to do it."

I will abide by "A" only.

1.  Unlike my brother Wil, I love being underwater.  I took a course on SCUBA-diving in college, love to swim (although rarely get the chance), and would really like to get a chance to take my wife SCUBA-diving sometime, should we go somewhere where it's possible.

2. I have a tendency to unfold paper-clips.  I don't know why.

3. I'll do an "admission" one too.  when I was very young, and one of us was sick in camp, my mother got out the old mercury-thermometer, and took their temperature.  Then she put it back in it's padded tube, and gave it to me to put away.  I accidentally dropped the tube, and it broke the thermometer, but I didn't say anything.  Then when she needed it again, a couple days later, she found it broken, and thought that she had done it by jamming it in the tube too hard.  I've admitted this to her at least twice in my adult life, and keep forgetting that I've done so.

4.  I baby talk to cats.

5.  I'm fairly accomplished at whistling.  I can whistle classical and contemporary tunes quite well. I'm assured by my wife and family that this is uncommon.

6.  My brother Wil has no eyebrows.

7.  My favourite monster is the werewolf.  In my opinion, there simply aren't enough [well done] werewolf movies and stories.
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Do you own a yard with a tree in it?  If you do, here is a list of items and gadets you really should have:

  • A bow saw

  • A limb saw (preferrably with optional clipper attachment!)

  • A hand-held limb clipper

  • A hatchet

  • A splitting axe

  • A chopping axe

  • A rake

  • Another rake for your spouse

  • One additional rake for each child over the age of six

  • A spade-headed shovel

  • A flat-headed shovel

  • A spade

  • At least three five-gallon garden buckets

  • A wheelbarrow

  • A small wood-chipper

In addition, you should know how to maintain all your equipment.  Read the manuals at least once.  It also helps to have a working knowledge of basic physics (Yes, you can stop laughing Dad) or failing that, a phone handy for calling the hospital.
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